Originating in Hawaii in the late 19th century the ukulele has become a very popular instrument. A number of popular artists have made use of the instrument to great effect.
It is similar to guitar but has some advantages over that instrument. It is more affordable and more portable. It is easier to play as it's soft nylon strings are easier on your fingers, it's small size makes the notes easier to reach without stretching and having just four strings makes it easier to remember chord shapes. It is a fun and accessable instrument and many songs easily adapt to ukulele from other instruments. And of course the ukulele has a lovely rich sound.

In this ten week course you will learn how to read chord diagrams, chord charts and tablature. During the ten weeks you will learn a number of strumming patterns and the most common chords in the most common keys. You will learn how to play a number of popular songs. 

This course is aimed at beginners, no experience is necessary. 

For this course you will need:
1) Ukulele
2) Clip on Tuner
3) Ukulele capo
4) Folder

There are four common types of ukulele, soprano, concert, tenor and baritone. The soprano is the smallest size. For most adults I recommend concert ukulele (or tenor ukulele.) Some adults may find soprano a bit small.
Two music shops in Dublin city centre that I recommend are Music Maker and McCullough Piggott.
Music Maker have nice concert ukuleles for €80. They may have other price options as well. The main thing is you want an instrument that will hold it's tuning well, so I would avoid super cheap instruments if possible.
 A clip on tuner should be available from around €12 and a ukulele capo also should be available from around €10.
Any type of folder will do, it's just for storing handouts from the classes.

Starts: Sept 2023 subject to interest

Duration: 10 Weeks (Tuesday evenings)

Time: 6:30 - 8:30pm

Cost: €120

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