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This is an introduction to the craft of Calligraphy, with using the simple and basic tools but is also suitable to those looking to improve their skills.

Course Description

Calligraphy – Beginners and improvers class.
This course gives you a practical introduction to the craft of Calligraphy through using some simple,
everyday tools. This is an introductory course where no previous experience or artistic skill is
required. And also, this can be a follow-on class for those who have attended Calligraphy class
before as we will be learning the historical and practical aspects of the Uncial and Italic scripts, along
with the story of Colour throughout the ages.

8 key tools are needed:
1. Your curiosity and openness to give it a go
2. Pen: PILOT Parallel Pen 3.8mm
3. Calligraphy Markers - Coloured markers and a Black Pigment marker size 1mm
4. Paper - A3 150-180 g/m2 weight
5. Ruler and pencil
6. Putty rubber
7. A4 paper, for layouts
8. Paints and coloured inks are also an optionYou will learn the basic skills of penmanship, design, colour and layout which you can then apply to making your own cards, writing quotes and a host of other personal creative projects. 
No previous skill is required. You simply need an ability to hold a pen / pencil and from there, you will uncover
and deepen the latent artistic talent that resides within everyone.
To enhance and personalise your learning experience, participants are invited to bring along to the
class a valued quotation, poem or greeting that you wish to design with and use as inspiration.
“ Words are vessels for light they are how we exercise our mystical and creative power” Carolyn Myss



Pilot Parallel Pen ,nib size 2.4mm this is an investment can cost between €15-20 but it will give you hours of enjoyment and is the preferred t tool for this Calligraphy Course.

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Days & Times
Tuesdays from 6:30 - 8:30pm

This is a 10 Week course starting 26th Sept. 2023 

Cost: €120

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+353 1 2889717 BFEI, Main Street, Blackrock, Co Dublin
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