Do you like the idea of being able to draw ? Perhaps you have found yourself uttering those words. The response that immediately springs to my mind is "why don't you? "
This drawing for beginner's evening course offers art lessons for beginners, easy drawing exercises for all, and a great way to improve your technique.

Learning to draw is not difficult. Everybody learns to walk, and talk, read and write at early age. Learning to draw is less difficult than all that. Drawing is merely making marks on paper which represent some visual experience. All it takes to draw effectively is the desire to do it, a little persistence, the ability to observe and a willingness to carefully correct any mistakes. This last point is very important. Mistakes are not in themselves bad. Regard them as opportunities for getting better, and always correct them. 
Many drawing exercises in this course incorporate the time- honoured methods practiced by art students and professional artists. If these are followed diligently, they should bring about a marked improvement in your drawing skills. After consistent practice and regular repetition of these exercises, you should be able to draw. 
We will be closely looking at various drawing techniques used in Object Drawing and still life composition and, some figurative drawing. In the end, you will have completed your first two drawings, but most importantly you will have gained the knowledge of drawing skills which you can now use forever in your life.
This course will be taught in very relaxed atmosphere and before entering the drawing course there is no skill or previous drawing experience required. We will be starting from the very basics of drawing and concentrate on the line, texture, tone and form. Bring your pencil and some paper to enjoy the excitement of drawing.

About myself:
Angelika Sokalska graduated from National college of art and Design. She holds a degree in Education and Fine Art. Although she specialised within the Digital Media Fine Art Department, she always persisted to peruse her drawing skills as it was her passion to always draw. She took part in exhibitions such a Liminal Wake Media Exhibition at the Seagrave House, Dublin. Her Exhibition for Graduate show can be viewed in the official NCAD Catalogue online.  Angelika now also teaches Drawing as a module to morning classes in Blackrock Institute of Further Education guiding her students during this academic year. 


The materials that I would recommend for this course would be Pencils( HB , 2B, 4B and 6-8B). It's important for the shading that they get the B pencils. black charcoal sticks about 3 and some white & black soft pastels, possibly an Indian ink too (usually about 3-5Euro for a small jar).  Sketchbook and some loose paper A3 size preferably. Places that I know and trust to buy these materials are Art and Hobby, Artmines in rathmines, Tiger, Reeds, Evans art.

Course Duration: 10 weeks

Night: Tuesday

Starting: 17th Jan 2023

Cost: €120

Get in touch
+353 1 2889717 BFEI, Main Street, Blackrock, Co Dublin
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