Have you ever found yourself captivated by the world's beauty, longing to preserve its essence on paper through your very own drawings? 

Well, the moment is now! You can join  an exhilarating evening drawing course, tailor-made for aspiring beginner drawing enthusiasts – with no prior drawing experience necessary!

This is what you will discover along the way: We will begin with the fundamental building blocks of art – lines, textures, tones, and forms. As we progress, you'll witness the growth of your skills, enabling you to craft captivating still life compositions. And the most exciting part? Mistakes won't deter you; instead, they'll become stepping stones that lead to improvement ! You'll learn to embrace and correct them, nurturing the artist within you.

Beyond simple sketching, you will uncover a new perspective on the world, cherishing its tiniest details and celebrating each stroke. Engaging in captivating lessons and time-honored techniques, you'll experience the sheer joy of transforming ordinary objects into breathtaking works of art.

With patience, persistence, and an unwavering passion for creativity, you'll witness astounding progress in just six short lessons. Completing your first drawings will infuse you with an incredible boost of artistic confidence. But that's not all – the skills you acquire will forever enrich your life in countless ways.

Embracing a vibrant community of like-minded beginners, you'll find an abundance of support and encouragement. Regardless of whether you're a seasoned doodler or have never held a pencil for art, this course is designed for every individual. All you need to bring is your enthusiasm and an open mind. Together, we'll explore the vast and boundless world of drawing, creating art that springs from the depths of our very souls. "

About myself:
Angelika Sokalska graduated from National college of art and Design. She holds a degree in Education and Fine Art. Although she specialised within the Digital Media Fine Art Department, she always persisted to peruse her drawing skills as it was her passion to always draw. She took part in exhibitions such a Liminal Wake Media Exhibition at the Seagrave House, Dublin. Her Exhibition for Graduate show can be viewed in the official NCAD Catalogue online.  Angelika now also teaches Drawing as a module to morning classes in Blackrock Institute of Further Education guiding her students during this academic year. 


The materials that I would recommend for this course would be Pencils( HB , 2B, 4B and 6-8B). It's important for the shading that they get the B pencils. black charcoal sticks about 3 and some white & black soft pastels, possibly an Indian ink too (usually about 3-5Euro for a small jar).  Sketchbook and some loose paper A3 size preferably. Places that I know and trust to buy these materials are Art and Hobby, Artmines in rathmines, Tiger, Reeds, Evans art.

Course Duration: 6 weeks

Night: Tuesdays from 6:30 - 8:30pm

Starting: 23rd January 2024

Cost: €90

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+353 1 2889717 BFEI, Main Street, Blackrock, Co Dublin, A94 X383
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